Who they are 👋🏻

A True Powerhouse in the Media-Monitoring and Social-Listening Space

They are renowned to be the first media-monitoring company in the world, is a leading global SaaS provider of media intelligence and social analytics.

Offering a unique product suite for competitive analysis, brand management, and market research, Meltwater has a portfolio of clients that includes Google, Ogilvy, and Air France. They also have pioneered industry-leading partnerships like the Twitter Partner Program.

Our Work 🔎

Alteria was tasked with a pure software development project. The objective was to build out a new product that would tap into the value of Meltwater's readily available aggregated and analyzed data sets, amassed from its world-class newspaper, magazine, and social media sources.

This product launch was a key component of the company's strategic repositioning. Through this software development project, Alteria and Meltwater prototyped a new product offering with a fundamentally different value proposition.

The Challenges 🏔

Timeline, Roadmap, and Breaking Down the Organizational Barriers

Alteria and the project sponsor (CEO) realigned expectations between the desired product scope and timeline to ensure success. The first step was finding a balance between the original plan of 96 days and the CEO's plan of 30 days. We narrowed in on the key value and features for the new product offering and the approach we would take to gathering Meltwater's aggregate data. Through the initial product-discovery process, we realized we could in fact build a product with a high projected value within a shorter time frame.

Stakeholder management was a key success factor in this product launch. The prototype demonstrated that we would need new tech to build out the product, so we set about creating a roadmap for the engineering and development team and went to work on building the software.

In the project's second phase, our team interacted with different functional groups to gather the required data that they managed individually. We also sought buy-in from internal teams – for example, the data science team – to commission buildouts of the concept. We successfully tapped into Meltwater's massive department organization, which included 300 remote developers located across the world.

The Outcome 🌟

27 countries

12 languages

in global revenue

Success and Beyond 🚀

Alteria's Evan Willms stepped into the lead role of the Meltwater project. He negotiated a realigned scope by identifying elements that weren't mission critical, and he delivered a working prototype with 75% of the requested features in a 30-day timeline.

Alteria executed a clearly defined product roadmapping followed by a strong agile-development process. The ultimate outcome was a successful product launch within a shortened time frame. At project close, Alteria offboarded the client with a robust plan for continuing the product demo buildout beyond our involvement.

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