Assemble. Train. Delegate.

Our strength lies in empowering great technical teams.

Digital experiences driven by scalable web services and product ownership.

We are leaders who believe that the best products are built through empowering technical teams.

Enthused by technology and the desire to hone in our own craft, we approach every project with a unique lens that leads to uncovering the key requirements for success.
We strike a balance between leveraging innovative web technologies while not fussing over the tools chosen at the expense of achieving results.

Coding languages and web technologies have their own unique strengths and weaknesses and appropriate places. Our goal is always to build long-lasting, compliance-ready product that is ready for rapid testing and long term growth.


How we work ❤️

Product Feature Development

Unlock and increase the capabilities of your development team by having Alteria take on new product feature development.

Get new features completed to your quality standard as if you had built them yourself without tying up or bottlenecking internal resources.

Agile Product Roadmapping

Agile product roadmapping means your team has a clear, shared vision about a future goal. We create roadmapping documentation that is used by all departments.

  • Get a clear plan that is flexible, organized, and execution ready.
  • Discover how to make the best use of your existing resources and source any gaps.
  • Identify the required stakeholders, gather their buy-in, and communicate to them with clarity.

Fully integrated with your existing codebase and workflows

Onboarding & Knowledge Gathering

Collecting all the necessary information to get started. This phase is where we strategically align, determine the current status, and determine the needs for successful completion.

Roadmap Decomposition & Coordination

Implementing a central backlog management tool for your project. We establish cadence of stand-ups, status updates, and acceptance criteria reviews.

Technical Delivery

Conducting effective meetings and supporting teams with the collection of technical requirements and product requests. We triage and break down milestones into easily digestible technical tasks.

Release Review

Determining a deliverable scope of technical functionality. We ensure that cross-team deliverables are coordinated while maintaining crucial velocity.

QA and Experience Hardening

Gathering QA defects and product feedback and funneling them into the prioritization flow. We ensure that the backlog tasks have clear user stories, technical requirements, and acceptance criteria. This phase is to support defining the scope of experience for a public beta.

Public Beta Management

Providing technical support for performance monitoring, system reliability, and service scalability of publicly available web experience. We try our best to gathering, triaging, and organizing public feedback into reasonable maintenance scope.

We think about the underlying bits and pieces so you don't have to

Security, Compliance & Disaster Recovery

Understanding and mitigating unknown risks can be the sticking point to all projects. We have developed and implemented organizational policies and processes for security and privacy risks, such as the Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning policy. We also provide a variety of compliance and solutions for HIPAA, Soc 2 certification, and more.

Build your project and team with confidence

An Alteria team member would be happy to discuss where the current gaps are and see how we can help.