We're a team of innovators, creators, and great thinkers

We are a Canadian headquartered, remote-first software design and consulting agency, and we love to help growing companies build excellent software products. Priming our clients for long-term growth, our work goes beyond software development services.

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Our Philosophy 📜


The secret to building high-quality products is to focus on the long term. We work with people who have big ideas and the commitment to achieve them.


We are led by entrepreneurs. From the earliest phase of a project, we build agility into its architecture, and we don't wrap up our work until our clients are equipped to pursue limitless growth.


UX, compliance, and inclusion are all crucial to the success of products. To deliver the best results for our clients, those are the things we start thinking about first.

Meet the Team

Evan Willms

Leading the Alteria team is our Executive Partner and Fractional CTO, Evan Willms. Over the last two decades, Evan has evolved from building applications to leading multi-disciplinary product teams that have delivered brilliant product experiences. Evan continues to pave the way to success for the businesses and partners of Alteria.